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I have been building ‘crazy’ cars since 1984 when I built a 9 foot tall street legal DALEK.
Next in 1990 with a friend, Danny Curtis, I built the IMPRESSED, it started as a Hillman IMP, and finished at 26 inches tall. It was listed in ‘The 1990 Guinness book of records’ as the lowest car in the world.In 1998/9 I built ‘LOWLIFE’ a radically chopped, sectioned and elongated Mini featuring mid-mounted Rover V8 power plant and trick hydraulic suspension . Tarmac to rooftop was 24 inchs.
‘LOWLIFE’ was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records 2001 edition as the lowest street legal car in the world.
Click >HERE< to visit the original ‘Lowlife’ website .

In 2002 I had a break from building cars and entered the ‘Robot Wars’ with ‘MR NASTY’.
After spending a fortune and coming home from the ‘war’ with a bag of bits ! I decided to stick to building cars.

Lowest street legal car history:

Ford GT40 40″

1985 Claustrophobia 28″ by Andy Saunders
1990 Impressed 26.5″ by Perry Watkins & Danny Curtis

1999 Lowlife 24″ by Perry Watkins
2006 Flat Out 21.5″ by Andy Saunders

2007 The Flatmobile 19″ by Perry Watkins